I do not believe this would be useful.  For me, at least, dreams are much more than sights and sounds.  I will feel and see things in a certain way.  Looking at a video, I might look at a different part of the dreamscape.  Dreams also alter my state of mind.  I accept things as real, for the sake of the dream, that I could never believe in real life, and would find incredibly fake in a video.  I will see things a certain way; I will understand things a certain way.  I will ignore some things, others will have different meaning.  In my dreams can be perfectly logical to look at 1+1 and think 3.  Watching a video, I will think 2, and the dream will be lost on me.

Dreams are far more than sights and sounds.  They are inseparable from the state of mind of the dreamer.  A video would only distort and destroy a dream.

I do greatly wish to be able to preserve the memory of a dream, but recreating the audiovisual environment is worse than worthless.
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Mar 6, 2007