Wierdest Dreams???

My wierdest was the cast of the original star trek on a planet being attacked by zombies from night of the living dead - and it was funny!
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9 Responses May 3, 2007

Yep, 1984. Wow what a good year.

ya, i remember that movie. - dreamscape???

Dreamscape. God, that was driving me crazy. But he was able to go into people's dreams and manipulate them. I would love to see that again. This was before they had CGI so I bet it's cheesy in a cool way.

Dennis Quaid..... now THERE'S a dream I'd like to have!

Hey remember that movie with a young Dennis Quaid? They invented something that you could go into peoples dreams.

everyone always wins....

who won?

yes - i watch way too many movies....but then i like my wierd dreams...

Haha, you probably watch too much sci-fi movies :))