!! Don't I Wish

I always wish that there was such a device - or a science that could interpret them accurately so i could go see a proffesional to either interpret them or stop them =) - I wake up exhausted most mornings because I have been so busy dreaming they are vivid and I always remember every detail of every dream I have ever had - I have to stop and think: what life sustaining abilites and I disabling to make room to store all these dreams?! x

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1 Response Feb 15, 2009

That would certainly be of great benefit, as many dreams are guidance for living - did we know it. They are symbolic, however; interpretation would be as tricky as ever!<br />
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I once read of a Japanese man who invented a diagnostic machine with I think 48 electrodes, that could diagnose what a person's state of health was and any diseases they had... That was years ago now, and it has just disappeared into thin air - like some of the new energy machines or sources that vested interests see would ruin their business.