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I am the type that takes a picture for what it's worth.

Can anyone explain to me why so many guys use girls as their avatar? Frequently, the picture of the girl is not even a girlfriend or wife.


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I also am not a man, and my avatar really is a picture of me. I have noticed that lots of men do what you are talking about. Particularly in the sex groups. I think they get an ego boost when another guy tells them their wife looks hot, or if they turn on another guy who thinks they are the woman in the avatar. My feelings are that if they don't look good enough to post a picture of themself, then don't look for an ego boost by posting a picture of someone else. <br />
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What really bugs me is when they use a picture of their wife or girlfriends body parts, or her in lingerie, or her naked or partially naked, and she doesn't know they are posting those pictures of her, and has asked them not to. She may have agreed to let them take pictures of her because they told her they would never show them to anyone, and they were only for their enjoyment, and it turned them on. My ex did that to me and then I found out he had posted nude, partially nude, lingerie shots, and provocative pictures of me all over the net and gave copies to his friends. I was furious. The requirement that he remove all the pictures he posted, get back the ones he shared, and destroy the originals and negatives became part of our divorce settlement. Guys who do that kind of thing are lying, deceptive jerks and I hope that one day their wife discovers what they are doing and kicks their sorry *** to the curb.

It sure makes it confusing when they do that, doesn't it? What is worse is when they forget to put whether they are male or female so all you have are their age and experiences to go by. And those experiences can be listed for them and their significant other so that can be confusing as well. Then there are those that take a feminine name as well and there you are thinking you're talking to a woman (for me that would be girl to girl) only to start to suspect it's a man. lol<br />
Oh well, it keeps life interesting..... don't sweat the small stuff.

First, I think some think they are hot and like to look at those pics? OR some really just enjoy confusing people lol..<br />
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second, Miles, no actually not all groups are made for debate. Many here were created for a sharing of experience and support through that experience, meaning debate is harmful to that environment. <br />
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are all groups on EP for debate?