A Valentines Day

                                                  Back on December 1st/ 09 I walked into a local Herbal Magic store to see about loosing some weight I had gained.  I met a wonderful woman who is the manager there. Her name is Maxine, over time we have talked about personal issues about her family and her children and so on.  Over time I have fallen in love with this lovely woman and this past Valentines day I decided to get her a bouquet of roses.  I bought them and aranged to pick them up on the Thursday before the big day as the store would be closed over the weekend.  So every thing went well she liked them and i got a picture of her with them and so on.  I went back on Friday for my weigh in as usual and the flowers were gone I asked and she said that she had taken them home so I let the subject go.  I aske on Monday how the roses were doing and she said they were gone I was quite surprised but I did not say any thing else and we carried on to other topics.  In later days I thought about it and realized that she could not leave the flowers at work because they have a code about not getting too friendly with clients and it might have cost Maxine her job but then I realized from another conversation that she could not take them home either for it the kids had seen them they might tell their father and this even though Maxine is seeking a divorce from him he could make more trouble for her.  So I have resided to the fact that on the Thursday night the roses went straight out the back door and into the garbage not because she wanted to do it but because it was neccessary to get rid of them for there was nothing else she could do with them.   LOVE to ALL LOVERS on VALENTINES .  Samantha

Samanthalynn101365 Samanthalynn101365
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Mar 6, 2010