Here We Go, One Painful Life

-0: born to a mother of 16, sent to facility where I would be promised happiness
-3 or 4: sent to first foster family. Woman beat me with a belt. Man just stood there, watched tv, drank, etc.
-6 or so: back where I came from
-8: next family! A man and his two sons. Divorced with his wife. Raped me regularly. Damn pedophiles.
-11: back again
-12: next family, alcoholics. Only beat me if I deserve it. Currently drunk.
-13: bf kills himself
-13: raped by pervs, gang rape. Stupid Reading PA!
-13: I die in car crash. Stupid drunkards I lived with!
-14: current fiancé befriends me
-15: I move in with her, for good!
-16: she confesses she really does love me.
-17: we get engaged
-17: life is still ******* on me, stupid rabbit I saved.
MaiaTheBroken MaiaTheBroken
18-21, F
Aug 6, 2012