Insatiable Desire To Create.

I am a frustrated artist. Since childhood I have made art, written many poems, stories, essays, letters, and played piano. I love the creative process and don't feel like myself when I'm not creating. 7 years ago my life's work in writing was lost. My spiteful sister gave it away in my car to charity. I was devastated. It hasn't been the same since then. I feel like she took out my soul and killed it. I try to fascilitate creativity but nothing works. I look for inspiration, read books on art, look at how to books , get the right supplies, y ou name it, nothing works. This desire, this longing is painful within me. Tonight I just cried out to God. Please make it happen. Let the inspiration flow and let whatever stands in the way be moved. Unblock me, by your mercy and grace.
Siberia1000 Siberia1000
46-50, F
1 Response Nov 29, 2012

My friend says adhd meds works wonders to unblock his mental dams. He had writers block for months, was so frustrated, took one, and wrote his hands bloody for 3 days. Hahah, but that seems a bit drastic if you don't already have it.

I'm willing to try just about anything.