The Opposite of War Isn't's Creation

I am an artist of sorts I suppose.. at least that's what I have been called.. I love art.. all kinds of art.. in its truest form.. if I could live in an art museum I totally would.. I do my fair share of drawing and writing and painting and all that.. but deep down in my bones I can feel something more trying to get out.. I want to create something remarkable.. I just don't know what or how to go about it..

Art to me is an amazing concept.. I love how an artist can take a pen or a brush to a paper or canvas and change someones life or the way someone looks at the world.. it fascinates me.. intrigues me is more the word for it I would say.. I want to be able to do that.. I wanna change the world just from something I have created.. so far thats a no go.. and if I can't do that I at least want to try.. again just not sure how to do it..

Should I paint something or draw something or write something. .I just don't know..

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2 Responses Mar 23, 2009

Thats really cool.. I plan on having children someday lol.. my boyfriend and I want a lot so thats all good.. and I mean I do believe they will be something remarkable but I don't really know the feeling since I haven't been in that position yet but thank you..

I wish I had the talent of words and the skill to paint, but not my best traits. I do know the most incredible thing I ever helped create were my children.