The Definition Of The Word Critical, Sense Apparentally Some People Don't Get It. Here You Go!

I'm getting tired of this. Sense you are apparently SO Dense you can't understand this:

1.inclined to find fault or to judge with severity, often too readily.
2.occupied with or skilled in criticism.
3 involving skillful judgment as to truth, merit, etc.; judicial: a critical analysis.
4.of or pertaining to critics or criticism: critical essays.
5.providing textual variants, proposed emendations, etc.: a critical edition of Chau
This group was not "I want to apologize for and apologetically defend the bible"

it was "I want to critically discuss the bible" to criticize something means to find FAULT in it. That wouldn't work by DEFINITION for a christian simply because you're required to believe your bible is perfect.
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About the Gospels, the presumed account of the life of Jesus - It is well know that there are no first hand accounts, and no original documents of Jesus' life written during his life. Everything is heresay. You would think, for example, that someone who died, and then came to life again a couple of days later, would have made the news. But there is no extra-biblical account of the supposed resurrection. I probably should have started a new post rather than replying.

I'm sure the writing of the Bible has to be somewhat inaccurate through
all the years of translation, but I believe the message. If you don't,
that's your decision.

Oh and i never apologise for the Bible.

Do you have any specific points to make about the bible of the Christian faith? Because your not making any above.

So you cannot bring a point forward for yourself?

I know enough about the study to know about the translation issues and that there's combat between armaic primacy and greek primacy. I suspect many of the people who are fans of greek primacy are that way because they are western christians themselves. How many atheist study?

I know enough to know that if translations of words like porneia means Fornication or fornication with prostitutes is ambigous.and was just translated that way by a body that wanted to moralize the way it wanted to moralize.

I lost my faith originally when i realized how much they were trying to hide from us, the Nag Hammadi, etc. Then it disssented into realizing how screwed up the book WAS.

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