Crossdressed While The World Watches The World Cup Final

Hi All

Been down the pub at lunch time, left the wife there to watch the final of the world cup. I've been wearing knickers all day, but hav ecome home and am now fully dressed in push up bra, tights skirt and blouse, a spot of make up and my wig and heals, feels great, but must not get carried away! as I am still half in the closet, (she lets me dress if she is not there)

Love to all

kathytv kathytv
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1 Response Jul 11, 2010

Hi Allison<br />
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I was only out in Knickers, I quite often am these days. When I can I also like to wear tights or knee highs under my drab. Ocassionally I wear a drab shirt that is thick and loose enough to hide a sports type bra (no cups) and will wear that. I often wear a bit of pale lippy as well and the wife never even notices.<br />
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I would love to be able to go out fully dressed, but need to do a lot of work on my make up and female movements before even thinking about it (have done it at night though if SO is out for the night at something I dont want to attend.)