I have been crossdressing for many years in secret, there is nothing better than wearing my panties and tights under my trousers around the house and the wife not knowing.  As it is she would not understand anyway. I have a need to share this with some one (man or woman) because I feel so insulare.

I also love to wear all things femine and would like someone to help me dress etc and have some fun. do you?


lyndadoes lyndadoes
51-55, M
4 Responses Mar 12, 2009

I love to dress up in lingerie and play....ooh la la

There r many including me who have those same feelings !!!!

my wife has known all along and approves, but i still like to keep a secret or two from her. i also have this great urge to share the secret with someone. panties, soft, cool, translucent make me feel soooo goood. keep it up.

My wife doesn't like me wearing lingerie either. I do it secretly and have never been caught. There is just something about wearing satin panties and lacy bras that gets me horny.