I Have Been In Emotional Pain For Two Days Now

I have been in emotional pain for two days now. My parents house is unbearable hot. They do not want a air conditioner. They have been looking for a potable swamp cooler. There is not a place in Spokane that caries them. So I have been helping my mom look for them on the Internet. Then do to a break in they had a cash back flow. They also are having guests form my mum's side of the family come here from Nottingham England. So I found one and ordered it on my card as a gift. It was delivered yesterday. All that my mom, the same person kept on my son about sending out thank you's after he graduated high school this last spring, called me up and shouted at me for giving them this gift. I feel like crap. I want to cry but I can't. In fact I have gone in to seclusion.
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I get yelled at all the time for "spending my money" on "frivolous things" that are for other people. I have grown a thick skin about these things and I say now "if you don't like it, send it back, I can always give it to someone who will appreciate me and my thoughtfulness" They get very humble after that .. lol

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