I've been married twenty yrs. My husband has been working nights six pm to eight am for almost four yrs now and works every weekend Saturday and Sunday and sometimes Friday.. I'm off every weekend. Two yrs ago I met someone but been broken off for a year. Every weekend I am so miserable, bored, and lonely. I feel like there is no point of being married if my husband is not here with me at night and especially on the weekends. I feel so lonely, I wish I have someone else. I wanted to leave but I'm confused we have two kids eighteen and ten yrs old boys. And my husband says that we're just lucky he has a job with this tough economy. And I agree but I can't stop how I'm feeling. What should I do? I feel like I don't love him anymore.
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I think you shoudl talk to your husband, and "schedule" time together. Make a date. You may have to adjust your work or sleep schedule a little, but sacrifies are always made in a marriage. Just keep trying, at least for the kid's sake. Loveless marriages happen all the time. I live is a sexless one, and I don't like it at all, but we don't want to lose the things we have, so we exist together. We don't fight or argue, just no sex. She doesn't want it. Oh well, enough about my problems. Please try to work it out, and become happy again.

Oh you found someone to fill the emptiness inside you ? @_@ <br />
<br />
What should you do with the kids ?<br />
Do you have financial obligations ? <br />
There are few who leave their spouse with wholesome debts. <br />
Which is unfair. <br />
Is he doing something that would hurt you ?<br />
Is it because you're lonely, that you don't love your husband ?<br />
While you and your kids sleep at night, you husband is all up awake. <br />
Working hard for you to have food on your table.<br />
I tried working nights. And it's all different even if you try hard to sleep the whole day.<br />
Well just points to ponder with. The answers are still yours.