Hard Love

I drag you across the floor of your bedroom as your naked wife watches from your bed playing with her **** as she pants "please hurt him for me Master! Please hit him for me! I need to see my Master beat my sissy whimp." As I slap and punch you she brings herself to ****** her face and chest flushed red and her eyes glazed over and her face filled with sexual joy and sadistic lust. As she **** she throws herself on her back and gasps "my God and Master now please **** me!"

I leave you with one last slap on your face with the instruction for you to watch and **** as I mount your willing wife and **** her. I ran my hard thick **** into her as you **** your tiny **** begging me to dominate you both and impregnate your wife.
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2 Responses Nov 27, 2012

you should punch the whimp in the balls!

Yes Sir, as you wish, Sir. Yes, please impregnate my wife.

Oh sir, it will be so exciting. If you bring your camera and a video camera, I will obey and use them.

Oh TY sir, Thank You so much.

YES SIR. I am ready, and I think she is getting hot for you. I tell her what you say about her and me.
and I WILL DO WHATEVER SHE TELLS ME TO. I will probably also obey you.