Divine Meeting

I enter your bedroom and call for you to you to bring your wife to me. I sit your wife on the bed next to me and then turn to you and say "Ok, get your clothes off! Stand before us naked." Your wife and I hug kiss and giggle as you take off your clothes. When you're standing naked before us I point at your tiny **** and we laugh as I show you both my much bigger ****. I make your wife stroke my **** and watch you as I order you to kneel before us and make you say "my darling wife I beg you to worship our Masters **** and beg you to kiss it, suck it, adore it and take his **** into your mouth and *****. I want you to lie on your back and open your legs and let our Master **** you." Your wife readily agrees to this and slaps your face very hard and laughs at you and your tiny ****.

I order you to undress me then your wife and put her on her back and open her legs. I then make you guide my **** into her ***** and want as I **** her. I tell you to beg me to **** your wife harder and harder. I **** your wife hard slapping her face as I **** her I then ask her if she would like me to beat and whip you. "Ooh, my Lord and Master! Yes please I want and need you to hit my whimp husband. Please punch him in his face, kick him in his balls and whip him with a riding crop. It is making my ***** feel so good. Please hurt him. I want you to hurt him. I want to help you hurt him!" I tell your wife in an excited panting voice that we will beat you together. She came so strong shouting "yes Master want us to hurt him!" When we finish ******* I hit you a few times and your wife beat you up to get her excited and ready yo funk again. We **** once more as you **** Cummings on the floor as I *** in your wife.
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1 Response Nov 27, 2012

OMG, so hot you f*cking my wife, but please sir, don't hit me or hurt me, please, Sir