Your Wife My Woman

I expect you to get your wife and house ready for me. Prepare the house cleaning your bedroom and put clean bedding on your bed and cover your bed in fresh Roses. Buy your wife some perfume and sexy underwear. Bathe, dress her in the new sexy underwear and put her perfume on her.

Then lie her on your bed for me and kneel next to her and read a cuckold poem to her. A poem begging her to submit to me. I expect you to be naked slowly playing with your **** thinking about me ******* your wife. I will ignore you as I sit by your wife and let you lick her ***** to make her ready for me. Then you can guide my **** into her *****. I will then **** her so much better than you can. Your wife will laughat your tiny puny pee pee and will be filled with love and submission for me and my ****.

She will want to be my woman even if she stays your wife.
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Dec 3, 2012