Meal For 2

You and your wife go for a romantic meal for 2 in an expensive restaurant and as you sit at your candle lit table you sit oposite each other holding your hands across the table. Your wife makes sure that the young couples sitting round the table see just how much you're in love with your wife. When she is satisfied that they are watching your romantic meal and are impressed by just how loving you are your wife suddenly shocks them by pushing your hands away from her and says "God! Your such a wimp, I need a real man!" Your wife shocks your audience by taking out her mobile phone and when I answer she says "Hello Master, I need you to joing me and my sissy wimp tiny dicked boy husband and make me feel like a real cumslut *****!" She tells me where you are and begs me to join you She makes sure that everyone hears what she is saying and slowly the other people in the restaurant start to laugh at you,..

When I arrive she makes you kneel next to my seat and orders you to beg me to dominate you and your wife and thank me for taking your place. Your wife demands that you pay for our meal and show your submission to me as your Master and your wife's lover. You beg me to take your place in your wifes bed and ask me to **** and impregnate her. We all laugh at you as you grovel at my feet begging me to **** your wife. A the end of the meal your wife and I walk out of the restaurant arm in arm as you follow behind us and open the door for us to leave.
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Dec 6, 2012