Meal For 2 (part 2)

We leave the restaurant and you call a cab for us and open its door for us. During the journey you tell the taxi driver just how grateful you for my dominating you and that I am taking your ***** wife to bed to **** her much better than you could ever hope to. You enjoy the way we laugh at you and get an erection when we humiliate you about your tiny ****. When we get to your home we go to bed and you rub my **** till it's hard as you lick your wife's *****.

When we are ready you guide my **** into your wife's *****. We **** for ages as you watch and ****. Your wife taunts you about your tiny pee pee **** and kicks you with each thrust of my ****. You beg me to impregnate her as I *** n her and lick her ***** clean.
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Dec 6, 2012