Three Steps To Heaven - Step One

You and the girl are sitting together in a restaurant chatting. She looks at you with an arrogant bored indifferent gaze that screams I wanna hurt you so bad. Your attempts at grovelling flirtation are making her feel sick and angry. So much so that she wants to beat the crap out of you. I take you by surprise by pulling up a chair and join you. "Do you mind!" You snap as I interrupt you in mid grovelling chatting with the girl. The girls attention turns to me with aRdsassy stare making me give her a stern look and say to you "be quiet boy!" I look her in her eyes and take control and just whisper "go on just do it". The girl looks puzzled so I spell it out "you want to hurt him. Just do it!" She sits silently then she shudders and flushes red and a glazed excited look fills her face as she suddenly punches you hard in your face and then rams her fist hard into your balls."Good girl!" I smile at her then we laugh at you as you cry in pain. Over the next hour I tell the girl just how inadequate you are. She agrees with me telling me just how puny your **** is and that you are a sissy girl boy wimp. I easily dominate you sending you for drinks and turn you into a girly wannabe cuckold. Your face encourages your hot sexy sub ***** girl to submit to me and to humiliate you. It's the first step in your journey to becoming a willing cuckold
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Jan 22, 2013