I did this with my ex-boyfriend, just that touch of his skin against mine and that tingly feeling mmmmmm.
Lacyn Lacyn
22-25, F
7 Responses Aug 21, 2014

love sleeping that way


Sounds like fun, sweetie! :)

Also-this will be visually, physically, and emotionally
enjoyable & pleasurable for you and your next boyfriend!

Can with me

Being completely naked together feels like true freedom esp. when each person knows the other is perfectly in sync with you so you know they're feeling what you are makes that tingly feeling feel like a lightning bolt touching the tip of my penis ⚡️🌋💦😋

Love cuddling naked right after the **** buzz has worn off and the nice relaxed feeling kicks in. Who knows, round two might shortly follow

I totally hear you :) there is nothing better than two naked bodies touching each other. It feels so good.