I love to *** deep inside her, in different ways.
In missionary style, her delicate and slim body hidden beneath me, her boobs pressing against my chest, and smooth, white legs wrapped around my waist, her silky hairs clenched in my hand and we both making loud noises while the warm and thick liquid filling her vagina.
In doggy style, when I'm pulling her hairs and calling her my *****, fresh scratches glistening on shiny skin of her back and she screaming with pain and at the same time with delight, love to shoot the last shot of my cumload on her back and see the whitish drops sliding down her butt curves and spinal curvature.
In cowgirl position too, when the fountain of *** sprouts upwards with full power and a wave of ecstasy streams up on her face, with often an open mouth and a long moan.
Even inside her anus when it's an anal going, when with a jerk she becomes silent and still like a statue, as trying to understand what has happened down there before bursting into a long, continuous groan the next moment.
Nothing compares to those moments of ecstasy.
An Ep User An EP User
Jan 13, 2013