Inside Feels Best, But Not Necessarily Deep...

It's fun to watch others *** on her but it feels much nicer to me ******* inside her. I used to slam it all the way in, hard, to spurt at the deepest depths but I discovered something I like better - pulling almost all the way out for each spurt, then pushing all the way in feeling it spread all along us as I go to the bottom. So silky and erotic! It does make for a bigger mess though, but that's fine too. I like it messy anyway; it increases the eroticism of oral later, not to mention making us smell sexier.
im12lkit im12lkit
51-55, M
1 Response Jan 15, 2013

It's also fun to just slow down and *** shallow, and enjoy the sensations as your **** pulses and spurts. My wife is an expert at enhancing this experience with her *****, and will just drain my nuts dry.