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Wanna *** Play With Me Daddy?

What a boring day it's been I have been left to my own devices and well as you can see this gets me into some very naughty trouble. I have finger ****** myself at least 5 times today but it's no fun just ******* I wanna *** on daddy's ****. Hell if he's adventerous I'll even *** in his mouth today. My panties are off my legs are open and my ***** is so wet my **** is swollen and my desire is white hot I need a good ******* today I wanna ride daddy's **** like a cowgirl holding on to his ankles while he watches my *** bounce up and down I wanna feel him play with it guiding it on his ****. I want my daddy to throw my legs over his shoulders and go really deep into this tight lil *****. I want today to be the beginning of the best ******* I've ever had with daddy I want them stronger so strong it makes my whole body shake I don't want him to stop ******* me after I ****** though I want him to continue make me *** again and again daddy til I pass out. I wanna lick all that *** off daddy's **** while he watches me **** myself. Bring some toy's today daddy lets try em out. I wanna blindfold you daddy and rub my body against yours I wanna enhance this experience as much as possible. I wanna sit on your **** and tease **** it, you know what that is don't you daddy where a girl sits on you and does just enough to keep you hard and her wet! She moves her hips in slow circles and talks dirty to you, you aren't allowed to touch me during this daddy I know you want to play with my breasts to feel my swollen **** but ah ah daddy I'm calling the shots today. I whisper in your ear almost breathless wanna feel me *** right now daddy? As I tease **** you wanna hear me scream how good you are at ******* me? I start to grind on daddy's **** moaning I increase the pace feeling my **** rub against you and your **** in my ***** hard and throbbing it's almost like I can feel every vein on your meatstick daddy ooooooooooooooooooo daddddy I scream I'm about to *** then with a few more thrusts of my hips I hold you close to me as I begin to ride you and as I do I begin to *** ooooooooooofuck daddy I scream yes YESS **** your dirty girl aaaaaaaaa dadddyyyyyyyyy *** give it to me **** me daddy **** your bad girl. Now daddy I want you to take control of your lil girl, I want you to put me through my paces and spill your hot *** all over my body in my ***** on my *** I want to ***** **** the hell out of your **** until it sprays it's *** all over me. *** **** me daddy I'm so lonely and bad, I want you to film it too daddy so you and I can watch it and have some fun later, and daddy you should know that as I give you this story I've been ******* myself again thinking of your **** and I'm just about ready to *** so put your **** in me and let me *** on that throbbing bulging ****!
Russiantsarina00 Russiantsarina00 22-25, F 4 Responses Aug 30, 2012

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Come to daddy little girl.


OMFG HOT! Daddy's on his way

mmmm Daddy would love to play with you.... add me so we can :)