In The Back Of My Mind..

I guess the thought has been lying in the back of my mind.. I had a dream that I had decided I was going to cut all of my hair off.. I actually think I really do want to.. but I'm concerned to actually do so.. I'd have to hear everyone's complaints and nasty comments. I would be called "Brittany Spears" and would probably be told that I look ugly, or need help, or something like that. My family doesn't think it's a good idea, and even my closest friends told me that I shouldn't. But... I still have an urge, something in me wants to.. I don't know.. I guess it's just too unheard of to shave your head bald... But dying your hair purple or blue is just fine and acceptable.. X/

sasukesnumber1fan sasukesnumber1fan
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4 Responses Feb 8, 2010

Fishpie44, go to a barbershop and get a little boy's haircut.

I LOve this comment, because sums me up. I dying to get to a BARBERS, yes barbers, NOT STYLIST, and have full esperience, and get very short boy masculine cut.Anyone please, can you help with this? Or recommend style and barber please xxx

very liberating experience.i for one find the whole concept to be errotic as to explore this stuff while young enough to get away with it.There are actually places where you can do good by doing " saint baldricks".they raise funds for childhood cancer by getting pledges to pay you to get scalped.This way you have a perfect excuse and really help a very good cause.

I've cut my hair short before.. and not had a problem with it.. I've never gotten it really short though.. my family would never agree to it.. I don't know.. I think if I do want to do it I'll have to wait until I'm not with anyone that knows me XD