Too Many

I have unlimited text on my phone, but I overuse it.  It is really a shame that I text as much as I do.  I average somewhere between 4k and 5k per month.  The majority of texts that I send are divided equally between Silver01TA, HeavenBesideYou, and Snowbunny.  I need to slow down the texting because I already have callouses on my thumbs from it.

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9 Responses Mar 2, 2009

LOL. I know the feeling, the month after I met my Sweetie he had to upgrade his phone to unlimited texts as well. Don't know what that bill looked like, but I bet it was not pretty :)<br />
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Anyway, texting rocks and it is a great way to keep up with your kids. They are much more likely to answer a text than a phone call, especially when they are with their freinds...

I actually EP from my cell phone a lot as well. That is why sometimes I won't answer each person's comment bc I can only see the most recent on stories.<br />
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MT, add me to your phone and see how many texts you get a day lol

If you do that much...Then when do you find time for E.P. ????

Exactly and who would think it would happen to an older woman. lol

Text thumb. Who would have thought this was going to happen 10 years ago.

I like to text more than talk but I use the phone a lot period.

THUMB CRAMP!!!!!!!!! 6K in TXT's?????????? WOW! And I thought my wife did a lot of TXTing.

Shhh I low balled mine from last month. I think my texts to Silver alone are at the 4k per month mark. LOL I never will forget when he called his carrier ti make sure he had unlimited texts only to find out he didn't. We both freaked. I think i did more than he did because I know the costs. i was offering to pay his bill and everything which of course he wouldn't let me.

Don't you dare!!!! I CAN'T talk to you everyday, because minutes turn into hours when we get on the phone and it would eat up all the minutes on my plan, since we don't have the same carrier. Unlimited texting is AMAZING and I am good for about 6K a month, which means I am catching up with my teens. lol