Bad Sign....

I don't think this is how your suppose to feel when it's a new year. Gah. -__-
Serabi Serabi
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I wish I could do that. :) I prefer avoiding things until I finally have to deal with them.

Today has been the worst New Years day of my life. I am lonely, cried, hate my life, almost thought of doing something terrible to myself for a split second but changed my mind. I know that is not the answer. Tomorrow has to be better than today I know. If it isn't F$#% it, I will put on my bad *** face and deal with it like I have always done.

Serabi, I could sense you wanted peace so I am done here,<br />
but I am not done fighting for you!! Because I don't want you to cut.


Sadist, stop being so sadistic.<br />
<br />
Listen to CJ. Hurting yourself does not make you feel better. It is only one quick moment in time. When you can easily get that quick moment through something else. Please please don't. If not for yourself, don't hurt yourself for CJ and I? Tell me something good, tell me what makes you happy.

Ok ignore this story I don't want any fighting.

sadist don't be a douche for once. <br />
<br />
please don't do it are you really gonna listen to someone who claims to have killed animals in the past? sorry sadist but you need to shut up. hurting yourself doesn't make you feel better.

No bad way to start a new year Serabi! Take this from a recovering cutter, don't do it! Cutting on holidays leaves you with THE WORSE, feelings when you wake up the next day!

Comin from you sadist it doesn't sound wrong. lol

Not deep enough to die but enough to leave nice red mark.

no hun please don't listen to him he's an idiot like that. it won't make you feel better inside at all

Yea, I think I'm going to.