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One of the many reasons I cut is because I am alone. I could be in a room with a million people and still feel alone. I hate how every little thing makes me want to cut. I am weak, i am sooo weak. And i'm embarassed of all these scars. What am I going to say to people? My friends think people who cut are gross. I just need someone to talk to...
loveandhope loveandhope 16-17, F 5 Responses Mar 20, 2011

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I know exactly how you feel. I find myself faking happiness more and more every day so people don't see me for what I really am. I pretend to laugh and say everything is fine, but really, I'm secretly hoping someone will notice that I'm not.

I've been down that road myself. If you ever want anyone to talk to who has her fair share of scars I'm all ears. I use to feel alone all the time. I'm sorry you have to feel those feelings. Please, know you are not weak. Others sometimes look down on some things they can't understand. Just try listening to music, watching a movie, or just wrirting down every time you feel like this. I know it will be hard and believe me I know how strong those urges are. And how you think you feel alive when you see the blood. It's hard but you can overcome this. I was clean from it for 2 years and still relapsed with it. Yes I talk like this is an addiction cause it is. Like all oter addictions once you do it for so long you believe yourself to be "lost" which I think is untrue. I'm not a shrink either just talking from personal experience and personal feelings. So please contact me if you want to. I won't ask for stupid stuff like some do when they ask this. I just want to be a good listener and hopefully help anyone I can.

I'm 38 and also cut. I can't stand it after I do it, because I have 3 kids and dont want them to see mom with these scars. I'm Biploar with pyscotic episodes, but usually when it gets to the point of thinking about cutting I am seriously sad and depressed and I get a big relief of the built up feelings that are there. I wish that I could offer some help with stopping, but dont feel alone, that makes things worse, especially for me. Sometimes I feel as if I didnt have my kids around to keep me from cutting I would do it alot more. I enjoy the feeling afterward, feeling the relief of emotion that it brings for me. Maybe you can try to think about someone or something that might help you to think extra hard before you do it. I hate when people tell me this, especially if they dont understand how I feel, but hang in there. If you can stop yourself at least once or twice it might help to cut less eventually. Sorry for the way you are feeling, know their are others who are out there who understand your feelings and want to help you. That's what we are all here for, each other.

im 15 and i feel the same exact way, i dont know how to stop the feeling. my friends always say people that cut themselves do it for attention, in some cases that may be true in others no. i do want attention because i feel alone but i dont think about cutting myself for that purpose

im in the same boaat as you. last week i cut my ankle every day now the cuts are running up my entire leg! and to make it wors for me i have gym today and there are too many cuts to pull up my sock!<br />
inbox me, i dont know how much help a 15 yearold would be but i can always try.