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I Dont Want To Lose My Family

I think about doing it all The time cutting my self that is

I hurt but I hide it I hide very well

I am two different people I'm happy when others are around but sad and scared when I'm alone

I did Something bad something that I know I will get in trouble for but I don't know what to do

I'm scared that if I tell my family they won't love me anymore

I was the good one the good student, friend ,daughter, and sister but I'm not what everyone thinks I am I'm strong for others but I don't know how to be strong for myself

I want to tell someone but I can't I don't want to lose my family and their trust I just can't if I do I dont know what will happen I'm no one and I have no one in side me it's just all a show an act I'm nothing
NoOneInSide NoOneInSide 16-17, F Apr 16, 2012

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