My Little Sister: Update

Update and continuation of my story here:  EP Link

My little sister has run away from home to live with a boy she met at school. His family has opened up their home to her, and she has stated that she will never come back. I didn't see this coming. She has been off her medication for several months, is actively cutting and has ditched all therapy appointments, this new family she stays with does not encourage any of her treatment, despite the deep disturbing gashes that lace her pretty little arms from shoulder to wrist. She has over two hundred cuts on both arms, all of them very deep and would have required intense stitching had she received medical attention immediately. I feel like I've done everything I could for her, been her friend, listened to her thoughts, despite how dark and disturbing, and whisked her to the emergency room immediately upon discovering her cuts. My mother and I enrolled her for therapy, linked her with the best pediatric psychiatric team we could find, spent countless nights with her at the hospital and reminded her to take her antidepressants every morning.

I hope she is happy, but I can't bare to see her hurt when this puppy love relationship is over. I just can't shake the image of the gorgeous little girl with the big brown eyes I grew up with. The little girl who's hair I used to brush and who I used to walk to school. The girl I used to hug and who told me she always looked up to me. It hurts me that she won't speak to me, and I don't know why. I don't know what I've done wrong. I would have given my life for her if that would make her happy, and I still would. God, please give me the strength to withstand this very painful trial in my life and keep her safe while she is out of my sight.
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May 17, 2012