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Silent Cry For Help..

I don't cut for "attention." I don't cut because it is the "new thing to do." I cut, because I feel like I deserve it. It's also reassuring, in a way. To know that by just pressing the blade down harder, it all ends. Just like that. I don't cut everyday, but some days I just snap. I don't like telling people my problems, so I keep it all inside. That's not good. Then to get some relief from it, I cut. Before I even experience the relief, guilt floods my mind and heart and body. Its a vicous cycle. And I can't stop..
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i know how you feel,i have been cutting for a month now and i cant stop either.i also i havent told anybody.If you ever need someone to talk to feel free to, we can get threw this together.

the same here. been cutting since 5 years' now :S <br />
ive stop for some months. butbi just feel that i have to do it .but stopped again.... i dnt actually cut to kill myself or anything i just need to feel that pain. and it is adicting.....<br />
but there are others way to.solve problems. and thats what we need to find. Good Night

I completely understand how you cut because you just want the pain to go away and feel nothing..i would never cut for "attention" and I don't think half the people would. I understand why you keep it might be afraid if you told someone, they might judge you in a horrible I am. I feel guilty friend your not alone. I'm the same exact way as you are...