My Name Is Amber

ive been a cutter for 6 years i hate it i wish i had never done it the first time =( but im here if anyone wonts to talk
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what i do is get my mind on the somthing else but i know u prolly hurde that before but sometimes i cant over come the erge so i reopen a cut to bleed i dont cut deep i just cut enough to fill somthing i really really hate it..... ={ im here for u if u wanna talk... k

Do YOU need to talk Amber? I'm here for you Hun<3 just message me

Do YOU need to talk Amber? I'm here for you Hun<3 just message me

Hi Amber, i have done it a lot in the last couple of months, once it was really hard to stop the blood, i can litrally feel it gripping me already and find it hard not too when i have so many opertunities and reasons. I took to starving myself to see if it would take the urge away from doing something else harmful but it never worked. I dont think i can stop but i don't want to keep doing it, its just deppressing me more after the rush had worn off afterwards, Don't start again and please tell me how you stopped?

I tried starving myself too and it doesn't do the same justice as cutting. The rush is what makes cutting feel so good, then seeing the blood makes you want to just keep going. How did you stop Amber? I would like to know as well :/