I Dont Want To Stop

I know I should stop but I cant think of a good reason to. I have been a cutter since I was 13 im now 27. I stopped for a while life was good but now its all crumbling away and Im back to my old ways. but this time Im an adult and no one can make me stop no one can send me to therapy. I cut everyday because everyday is a **** day. I have three kids and they are the only reason I am not dead because if I were dead they would have to go live with their dad and thats not gonna happen, I abuse myself he abused everyone around him.

To me the blade is a beautiful thing, and after the first cut the bright red blood agianst it reminds me of a rose. The more blood I release the more stress and freedom I feel. I am able to cope for a lil longer.
jeng7623 jeng7623
26-30, F
Nov 27, 2012