Beautifully, perfectly, deeply
it glides
into the skin
the consciousness hides

decisions are made
where next to slice
the feeling, the relief
the punishment's nice

you wait, you stop
you let it call
hiding, it's tempting
and awaiting your fall

it's been so long
you want this bad
stopping the nothing
fixing the sad

you try, you do
to not subside
but those new cuts
are a new thing to hide

you stopped, you looked
glaring at the red
you're sick of the problems
crowding your head

you've waited, you've wanted
to stop, you have tried
you've wished and thought
but your sanity died

beautifully, perfectly, deeply
it glides
into the skin
when the conscious mind hides

monsterwithinme monsterwithinme
18-21, F
1 Response Dec 1, 2012

Thats beautiful :O