To Cut Or Not to Cut?

Cut. Definitely cut and cut again. Today is my last day at work. I'm being laid off. I feel like I'm going to completely lose my mind and cutting is the only way tio retain what little composure I have left.

Pain, fear, disappointment, anger, anxiety, pressure, panic.... It has to come out some how...

Shonnie Shonnie
22-25, F
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yes!! exactly how i feel, only way too get it out your system

NoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNo a million times NO! Don't cut! My gf used to, and she could have died from it! She almost did once or twice! Good gods, it's not worth it! D:

Ugh I wont

Why are you do against it? Why are you trying to get us to stop? The feeling never stops it never goes away. I want to right now. Even though I just tripped and have a bloody knee and ankle

I want him to stop. If I let him, I'll be going against my vows. My vows are what I live by. I couldn't possibly break them.


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I'm with you screw it's wanna cut now

I cut, but not for the same reasons. To me pain must be pleasure. If it isn't, then I have failed. I remember my first cut. I was in such rage. I found my least favorite serrated knife, and started to cut almost subconsciously. The strange thing was, I didn't feel pain. It felt warm, not painful. I felt as if I had truly proven myself.

i want to cut and don't know what to do... i need someone who understands cutting and also someone who indulges in cutting. i need to be able to get factual information and understanding about the psychological events surrounding masochistic behavior and pain/depression/whatever it is called. I also need to explain my feelings to someone who is a cutter themselves to be able to communicate effectively with me... can anyone guide me through this site? I'm desperately searching for answers and am so mixed up...

i understand it and how your feeling.. ive been cutting since i was 9 and im 17 now. i know im young but im here if you want to talk

plz dont!!!! jesus just plzz dont. do aything but harm your wonderful body. do anythin but harm yourself. plz!! smash a plate smash a window, but anthing but that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. not not!<br />
i know it is hard but try a different way to release your frustrations. scream into a pillow, put a ruberband around your wrist. I wish i could help : /<br />
Take care of yourself!