I Want My Blood!

I want to see my blood. Its the best color I've ever seen, its the one thing that lets me know Im not just air, just taking up space! I still think to most im just blood taking up space. Room that good men and women could use. A space were someone living should stay. They say im living but im not, all thats in side me is the dark red blood that some how is still moving though me and body. There no life, no light, no love, no soul. Just a dark red. I try to get it out of me the best I can, cut, brake, burn, anything I can to get it all out, but theres always some left. If I could get the dark red blood to stop moving..... I'd be free. I'd be pain free. If I can see my blood I know Im doing whats right! I know its slowing, and one of these time's, ONE of these time's I know it, the dark red will Stop!
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14 Responses Jan 7, 2013

I would rather you add me and talk to me like your profile says !!! you said you want someone to talk to, well here I am all ears. I would rather you talk to me than see you injure yourself. I have seen some really bad cuttings in the past and they are hard to deal with as they stay with yo the rest of your life. Trust me when I say we can be good friends and i do give good advice. take care and put the sharp **** away pls

Did it hurt enough to encourage you to change ?

I know it is. I was trying to provoke you.

To see if anger could get you to fight for a better life in the future.

Fine with me.

If you want flush your life down the toilet I know I can't stop you.

think of the change as being one room with a door way . at present that door is closed.

you are in your "normal room".

the question is .....do you have any motive / any desire to walk up to the door...and turn the handle.

my take is you answered the question "Do you know how to change?"

my question was "Do you want to change ?"

there is a difference.

did you answer my question or answer another one Coco ?

do you want to continue with those attitudes and behaviours Coco ?

or are you tired of the old Coco...and want to change your life ...get a second chance ?

the way psychologists view cutting I have been told is

1. Other people with power hurt us / me

2. No one intervenes to protect me

3. I start to believe a lie. The lie is "i am no good. i don't deserve to be happy."

4. So if I am no good....then I will hurt myself.

Is this what is going on for you Coco ?

there is a high correlation between abuse in our childhood ( physical, emotional or sexual )...and cutting.

the web site www.sandf.org might be of some help.

many of the people on there are cutters.

were you sexually abused in your childhood ?

are you revealing to us that you are a cutter ?

Girl ... Look forget everything cause
One day they'll love you as
you have loved them ,
One day they'll cry for you as you have cried
for them ,
One day they'll need you .... But
You won't need them

Wow girl ..... Easy on me !!!!!

If u found yourself in a dark room..?!
walls around you are red.!
and blood comes from everywhere!
don't be scared.!
you are in my heart!