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I hate that I do, but I've been dealing with a lot of **** lately and have no way to handle it. I made the mistake of telling my friend that I do it. I'm so scared that she's going to find out that I did it now. It's one thing to hear someone say it, but seeing it is a completely different matter.

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I know how it feels, I accidentally told a girl that is no longer my friend because she was a b****, and her dad works with mine, so I'm always afraid he going to bring it up and scream at me or send me to a therapist... I probably need one too though, but I don't want to go. Cutting releases the pain much better than any therapist could....

cutting does not release the pain at all, or id be pain free by now- like drugs, they distract the mind so u can cope with the pain your feeling, it dosent realease the pain, just like drugs dont, cutting is escaping the pain, not dealing with it or releasing it- and therapist can do a much better job at helping you deal with painful emotions than you can do by harming your body and hurting yourself further, ppl that cut to cope with pain, have been hurt enough and dont need to keep hurting themselves further, thrapy is the way, cutting gets us nowhere but further hurt, and hurting ourselves . no relief or releasing the pain at all, just distracting ffom it

friends dont understand that it helps

friends dont understand that you think it "HELPS" when u tell them it helps, they are not living through pain, and so they know that no, cutting can not help you with painful emotions, other than providing a temporar escape frm feeling them, cos now ur cut, and theres something else going on to focus on other than the pain u were feeling- cutting does not help anyone in the long term, in the short term it helps the saME WAY a drug does, its just an escape,

Learn how to write

learn how to not take your anger out on others,maybe ull learn something if you could read instead of critisizingg my posts, get a life, cut yourself maybe that will help then

iillllllllll speeelll as baddlly as i wannt , leave me alone , ur just a b i t c h obviously, who hasnt even figured out how to live without cutting her own body, good luck with ur b i t chy attitude, it will get u far

friends dont understand, cos u are wrong, and they are right, and they cannot see logic in you cutting yourself, instead of facing your problmes, they think, why dont the b i t c h just face her problmes instead of cutting hersefl, how do u expect them to understand it, its crazy behaviour, and they should say it dont help, cos they are right, and ur delued if u think cutting helps

ill learn how to write, ill give u some critisim, learn how to not cut yourself,
hahha my task is much simpler, i know how to spell, i just dont see the point spelling correctly like its an essay for uni, when it dont matter wheter i spend ages tyoing perfectly, or i just write it out as fast as i can type, with errors, im not writing no uni essays here, so i dont give a **** what u think of me, ur the one who cuts, i was goving advice, no my fault ur hurt that ur wrong, and that cutting does not help u, i think i must have hit a sore point, and so u had to find something to throw back at me, and all u could come up with is, learn how to spell, hahaha well learn how to not cut yourself, theres my comebak

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friends are hard to get some times but hurting yourself might be scaring them. im sounding a lot like an a hole right now sorry but just try to put yourself in your friends shoes and mabey ask them to do the same for you<br />
<br />
hope it helps here to talk

If theres someone that you trust more than anything in the world then its okay. Like my boyfriend to me.. but friends... you can never be sure if they'll tell or not right. Better not risk it.

NEVER make the mistake of telling anyone. Just lay of the cutting for a few months and convince everyone you're fine. Happened to me once, almost got sent to a mental hospital

I agree completely. I told my friend once on April first, thank holy **** it was April fools day. We always talk about the "joke" that I wish wouldn't have put our friendship in jeopardy.

im glad i got sent to a mental hospital, becasue now through lots of therapy, and help i can live without using drugs daily, i dont get urges to cut myself anymore to deal with my emotion scars, and im much happier day to day, there is nothing wrong with seeking help, and im so glad i did, becassue doing drugs and cutting myself wasnt much of a relief, and all in all added to my pain, it didnt release it at all

plzplzplz. iknow how u feel. really like i have the same feeling all the time too, but you just need another way of venting it. any other way just dont harm your wonderful body. smash a plate or a glass or the whole damn house if u have to, anyting but harm yourself. i know this may sound like bullshit but i really know how u r feeling!!!!!!!!!!!

some ppl just will never get it, and they think cutting themselves is cool or something, no point heloing ppl that dont wanna help themselves- let em keep harming their body, thinking they releasing pain, its their life, they dont want help, and will just be nasty if u try to give them advice