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I don't know why I began cutting. My husband can't stand it but he doesn't threaten me to stop. I sit in the bathroom and search for a blade. Normally I use a Exacto knife but after I moved, I misplaced the blades. I never thought about it but a razor can do the work well. I figured the blades on the razor would block off cuts from all the plastic around it. All I had to do was apply more pressure than usual. The cuts were so fine and thin that I couldn't tell if I had broken the skin. I tried again and pushed deeper. I tried it about 4 times and then noticed the blood seeping through the slashes. They stung about since they were as big as a normal papercut. My husband came into the bathroom and saw me sitting by the tub watching my arm. I never seem to drip. I've always wanted to try to get it to drip down my arm but I was scared it would kill me. He would sit me on the toilet lid and get out a wet washcloth to clean my cuts. He is always very gentle with me when I do that.

Parts of me think I do it to get his attention. Other times I think I'm just depressed with the times. Deep down I think I just like the pain and sight of the blood. Sometimes I lick it to taste it. Better than wine. The feeling is better than weed.

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I can only speak for myself. I cut for the comfort. It's like soothing pleasure inside of me. I like to feel the pain. It's like being able to cry. It's a relief. As a child, I wasn't allowed to feel. Cutting lets me feel something.

I just do it for the sweet taste of blood and the wonderful pain that comes afterwards. There is never pain while I cut.

You're lucky to have a man like that, I know how you feel.

i thought i was the only one who would ever think about licking their blood let alone doing it (iv done it)

That. is EXACTLY how I feel when I do it. Of course I am not married cause I am only 15.<br />
But sometimes I think I do it to get the guy I likes attention..sometimes cause of depression. and sometimes the pain and blood.<br />
I use saftey pins which bleeds alot with minimal damage. <br />
Dripping isnt dangerous as long as you dont go too deep. I filled a glass bottle with blood and I am just fine. Like I said, dont go deep. and use clean stuff.

You need to talk to someone URGENTLY!