It's been so long since I've had the blood running down my arm and leg.. but I miss the feeling of just letting everything out. I need that feeling of release, and I believe this is the only way of getting it. I'm sorry for my broken promises.
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I used to cut.i realized though that all cutting does is make u feel sorry for yourself and get even more depressed.all cutting does is just hurt you even more. You need to realize that cutting is not helping you or your health. Please dont cut yourself ive been in your 17 ive been through hell and back but i got the strength to get thru it without cutting you can to girly stay strong please

I'm trying to stay strong so thanks for your encouragement, it actually helps a lot :)

I was in your shoes once i understand im glad i helped

Cutting is not a release; it's a rush. It's dulling out emotional pain with physical pain. You don't need to apologize for anything, just please get help. Please just let it all out instead of punishing yourself for having emotions.

I wish I could see

see what?

I like seeing other people cut themselves

Did you just ******* say that?

yeah, I've met a lot of ****** up people, but you definitely won. And I'm not saying this to be mean or hurt you, I just honestly think this.

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