I hurt so bad. I tried so hard. I wrote a poem, worked a little on my book, worked on my drawing for my friend...but it hurts too much and my wrists are hot with need to relieve the pressure and I don't know how much longer I can hold off...there's a razor right here and I want it so much I can barely breathe.....oh...it hurts....I've been fighting so long and I'm just given up...
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Don't give up. I understand your pain. I don't cut but have thought about it many times. Esp now going through so much agonizing pain. Cutting is only a temporary "fix" & doesn't fix anything in the long run. You aren't alone even if you feel like you are. Just for now, don't do it. I'm hurting too. You are not alone in this.

I don't care if it's tenporary. I need it now. I hurt NOW. And I don't have much longer left anyway. There won't be a long run if things keep going like this.

There's help. There is support. We can't do this alone. You aren't alone. I know you want relief now, I do too. This is excruciating but I'm learning how to soothe my feelings & deal as they come. I don't have to believe all the stories I tell myself. Please choose love of yourself even if that seems unattainable. You are worthy of love.

Too bad, too many years too late.
Good for you that you're healing. Not all of us are so lucky.
I'm past the time where I could be saved.

Before give up, remember why you stop in the first place

I never stopped.

Stopped what?

Also, hurting yourself ruin the possibility of being happy, it doesn't ruin the chance for more mistakes, you'll be fine I promise. So look at this be happy okay? Like really happy, life isn't bad, it's horrid and hard, but we can beat life, all we have to do is live it.

I gave up on everything a long time ago.

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