T Tried

i tried not to give in, but the urge was so strong. i took that razor n made the cuts across my leg. i felt the burn , the pain. saw the blood appear. i felt horrible 4 doing this to myself, but also a release from the pain inside of me.

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2 Responses Feb 17, 2010

This is a behaviour that needs professional help. Have you seen anyone about this?Have you ever been diagnosed with BPD? This is a symptom of that. I'm not saying you have this condition, but you really need a professional to help you. I wish you the very best. Huggggggggggggssssssssssssss And good that you are feeling stronger, but still seek help.

I never thought that i would ever hear or read some thing like this from you. I have always used you as a guide to find the right way to deal with things,I know you might not think so but I have.