Not This Second, But When I Added This Experience I Did

I've been wanting to lately. I need to get my anxiety and panic under control, but I don't know how. Earlier I had a knife to my arm by just held it there, not stopping becuase I wanted to but rather because I didn't want my fiance to see me with self inflicted cuts. I thought this was way in the past but not quite. I just hope I don't get upset like earlir again for a long time, please...
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2 Responses Nov 21, 2007

No offense to either of you, but try having someone who lets you do it... The only person who matters to you says it's ok... Even has done it for you at times. What's the reason to not do it then?

God I feel like this often. I too thought (and do everytime i get like that) this was in the past what the hell. I could never let my bf see self inflicted cuts on me because he would know and it would hurt him more than it would hurt me. you can message me anytime I have found i am addicted to this place and am often on. I'm sorry you felt like this and at least you know you are not alone. :)