Urge To Cut

i used to cut for 6 years it wasnt to kill myself it was just seeing the pain on the outside made me think it would be better on the inside. i was doing really well the past 2 years and now as life gets more stressful it seems to always come to mind. that urge just seems to not go away anymore. i have no idea what to do the doctors have already put me on medicine. i just dont know how to deal with things properly in life.

knj234 knj234
18-21, F
1 Response Mar 8, 2010

Hey, This was posted a long time ago but even so i feel i should post.<br />
I can sympathise with how you are feeling as i feel that way now, and have done for four years now.<br />
I was a regular self harmer and did so for many years. I was also suicidal - but never at the same time believe it or not. I have been doing well for the last 3 years - was supposed to be attending group therapy but decided i could do it on my own. ANyway i just wanted to write to you and let you know its possible to keep fighting, and even if you slip up - it's just that - a slip! Sometimes life is over whelming and the only way to calm how we feel and feel something we understand is by harming.<br />
There are people who understand how you feel - if you still feel this way. Just wanted you to know you are not alone. X