I am fighting not to hurt myself but its not easy to do so. I have wanted to all day and now more than ever. I want to more than I did earlier. I have tried writing to distract myself with no luck. I am not sure anymroe what to do

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4 Responses Mar 18, 2010

Writing always helps me, music too. But I'm sorry and hope you didn't end up doing it. if you need to talk about it i'd be happy to listen and help anyway i could

I have no friends or family really. :(

I know what you mean my life is hell too. I've had enough girl problems to do the same. i've had it going on for years and never ends. am always looking to either help people or to be helped too. best of luck to you and sometimes even the friends and family you have can't get you over problems. but they're your best hope.

Maybe talking to someone would distract you if writing cant. Or try going for a run maybe? That always helps me when i feel overwhelmed and stressed. If you need someone to talk to you can always pm me. I'd be happy to try and help