I detest my face and have many a times contemplated getting a miniatureswiss army knife and carving slits.into the abominable countenance of mine. Immerse myself thoroughly in intellectul betterment as is an ascetic activuty with .o human contact requisite. Hate going outdoors want to get a nice house of my own and hibernate blissfully and pretty much left to my thoughts my favourite tv shows and my books **** pretty boys and socialites gate them all from tge cesspit that is my degraded and careworn heart
slyther slyther
18-21, M
2 Responses May 4, 2012

I feel exactly the same too, I even planned of getting boiling water and just pour it on my face. Thing is, I'm so tired of seeing my ugly face because it literally destroys my day, but in the end, we must learn to accept that we are ugly and move on with our lives...

I have changed my views recently just because ive decided to focus on different things like academic endevours which do not comment on my very thankful that i have insular and independent interests that are not cocomitant with socialising,hopefully you have some of those as well. Distraction can be particurly useful inasmuch as they stop a lot of otherwise very debased urges from becoming realities.

I know how you feel. I cut my face up because I couldn't stand to look at it anymore. Even though the scars are healing, I made myself even uglier.

I avoid societal situations and am fortunate enough to be able to because i am doing my masters through distance ed and happen to have interests that rely upon technology or papyrus rather than person to person interaction,i am admittedly also an open and overt narcissist so while people opinons of me may not be so flattering mine of them are probably even less boastful,with the exception of a few clise friends(who i have been lucky to meet through networking),i dont speak with anyone. i would be manifold more displeased with my facial features if i liked things like ckubbing or partying in the first place,so in that sense im blesses to have very introverted hobbies abd interests. If my proclivities required beauty or social contentedness i would be in quite deep water,thankfully i write a lot of short stories and design puzzler games in my leisure. Hope your doing alright i of all people can try to empathise with self-dissatisfaction,its a god-awful feeling.bottomline i keep prerty exclusively to myself vecause i can anticipate most peopke wont like me,my nerdy personality makes.ut worse but i get by with the assistance if weeds,books,and menrak challenges i am not exactly sure what you can do besidez find something insular that you kike,and jyst on a little sidenote never have socual butterflied contributed meaningfully to socuety,the biographies of joyce and telsa speak volumes for themselves.sirry for the freakin typos my fingers are a tad to fat for me to type effecuently on my summary;snoke mire weed,