This Is A Big Mistake!!!

You do not need to damage part of your brain in order to obtain spirituality. That's insane!

The fact why some patients after removing some specific brain regions felt more spiritual is because the function of the brain is when he needs to perform an action and know how to he find different ways to learn it. It is proven by science! For example patients with removed part of the brain that is responsible for a certain action, another part of the brain has learned that action in a fairly different way. So in theory every brain cell can be connected with every other brain cell.

Another notion is that we have similar structure of the brains because we make similar connections. And do you know why is that? Because we live a similar live, we take similar actions and challenged. That's why geniuses and mavericks, have different thinking and feeling patterns, because they live a unique life and thus form unique brain cell connections which lead them to live a unique and special life. For example it is known that Einstein' brain is much bigger considering the usual brain size and it has akward connections. Well we was a genius, right? Ah if we could just scan Jesus's brain. :) He would've had the weirdest brain cell connections and weirdest brain activity in areas that are not used by the usual mortals at all.

Back to the present. We live in a reality that promotes left-brain thinking. The left hemisphere is connected with words and language, present and past, math and science, order/pattern oriented, forms strategies and is logic oriented, while the right hemipshere uses feeling, is "big picture" oriented, uses imagination and creativity, perceives symbols and images, believes, appreciates and is fantasy based.

A fact is that our present-day education mostly appreciates left-brain thinking and during one's life the right hemisphere becomes dull because it's repressed and thus looses activity.

To sum it up, YOU DON'T NEED TO ELIMINATE BRAIN PARTS IN ORDER TO ATTAIN SPIRITUALITY, INSTEAD YOU NEED TO START USING AGAIN THE RIGHT-BRAIN ATTRIBUTES. You need to start eliminating all indoctrinated knowledge you've acquired throughout your life and you need to think for yourself, to form your own pure unique and creative ideas, to use your imagination and fantasy and most importantly to start believing in your own abilities. At the end you will realize that nothing is impossible. It's all about braking your mental chains and become free from you self-imposed limitations.

Alchemyst Alchemyst
Feb 14, 2010