Dancing With The One

i would love to go on a trip far far away and take with me a woman to have one night with....

feel the warmth off the fire and feel the wind blowing her hair in my face as i take her hand and slowly make a pointing finger out of her hand and lead her hand to point to the full moon above us..

grab her stomach and pull her butt against me and nibble on her neck and ear and tell her how beautiful she was standing in the moon light and have a warm bath running inside with candles.......

put her in the tub and rub and wash her hair then have roses leading to the bed

get her in the bed and make sweet love to her exploring her body and enjoying the hot sweaty sex that we are sharing

fall asleep in the ones arms

wake up to the smell of her hair

make her breakfast and serve it to her in bed as she lays there finished up from eating put the plates away and start kissing all over her body then engage in a passionate kiss

then once again make love to her hard and fast............

what a trip that would be

bigpenis30 bigpenis30
22-25, M
2 Responses Mar 4, 2010

Thank you Betty...........we might have to go............

thank you for your comment