I'm Going To Write A Wikepedia Article.

About those people who do what they agree to and then disagree and then make fun of people who agree because those people are not in with the group no wat ah mean-z?!?! Yeah lol!!!!!!!!

No I'm not they won't fudging post it or approve of it because I'm probably not mature enough in their sense.

Define mature?

Mature: Not giving a **** about what everyone thinks, not being scared by whatever I don't want to be scared by, not hating humour, being intelligent in what I do, doing all that **** and helping other people which is more than you've done. lol I shouldn't write dictionaries.

Why not?

Because people would always fudging spellcheck me and like why do you do it

I know why, everyones always correcting you or was always doing it so now you're getting them back for it by being annoying to others like softcore bullying lol but it's annoying and you should stop because I know very smart people who can't spell that well sometimes. I do and you probably know some too because you're you are not so perfect yourself, but you're okay and don't try be perfect no one is.

No ones ever going to achieve it. But one person will like you for who you are

Like this is how it works:

You can get most of the world to love you or whatever but you will NEVER get everyone to.

Get it now? I thought so. Say it aloud so you know you got it.

Theire is always one person who will apprecicate you're mistakes. I'm one of them, maybe. I'm okay with who I am and won't judge but if you live in a big mansion and have a big bed and have more things then I don't like you much you bastard or ***** but when I do have my version of those things then I will so don't worry and people do change.

Anyone who disgrees with that is an idiot. Yes you ******* are. Think about it and get back to you and your stupid ****** up mind I hate people like that but not really lol you don't know me at all then lololol I love evvvvveryone no matter who they are but I don't have to like them.
Acchbellon Acchbellon
18-21, M
Nov 30, 2012