Dance the Dance of Our Ancestors

I want to dance the Blessed Cirrcle dance with all my friends around a bonfire and be bathed in sacred smoke....I want my friends to feel like the free spirits they are...I want us all to feel the steady drumbeat of the pulse of the earth and realize that everything and everybody is connected to that pulse...I want to dance until we all know the peace in our hearts that everyone searches for...I want to dance until all the hurt and pain leaves our spirits clean and refreshed and innocent again.



Would you like to join in my circle dance?

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17 Responses Jul 5, 2009

Thank you Ladynikolina....come in and dance with all of us....may the fire and smoke bless thee and burn away your troubles and fears for a while...know you are among friends and are always welcome to dance with us anytime

That is beautiful Coyote...the circle is open, yet unbroken and the dance goes on forever.....join us in the circle and bathe in the sacred smoke of the fire.....join with others that have shed thier troubles and heartaches with the rythm of the are welcome here anytime...may you be blessed in Love and Light

fantaseagirl please do join in.......the fire is high tonite....the drums beat out a rythm like a fast heartbeat....everyone yells at the top of thier lungs to release the problems of this world into the night sky...a slow low chant to the rythm of the drums is just beginning........

PixiiHead....this is a continuous dance and I would be honored to take your hand and join in...there is no sorrow....inside my circle..and all are invited as long as they mean no harm.<br />
<br />
So Mote It Be!

Wouldnt that be nice if everyone stopped the hate and pain to join hands and dance? Dancing is the best way to form friendship, love and peace.<br />
I would dance along side you.<br />
Blessed bee

you are so very welcome to join in are amongst friends so let your hair down and dance the night away (ONW takes hand and leads YWDR to the circle)<br />
<br />
Hugs to you sweetie

you are welcome and accepted in the dance with my blessings shadow

wooooooohooooooooooooo......we are making some rhythm and noise in here now......can you imagine a circle dance that encompassed the globe...what peace would come

come on in singer all are welcome<br />
<br />
luv you little sweet gerkin

thanks for the invite. am already there.

Singer wants to join the circle dance....Can Singer join....Please

I think I'm already dancing.

thank you <br />
<br />
I am With you in Spirit <br />
<br />
Blessed Be

librakitty we would dance bathed in the light of a full moon...and howl our loudest to let the Goddess know that we seek peace with ourselves and each other and dance the dance to set us free.....and I would be honored to have you dance beside me

Yes<br />
I would love to Join in your circle<br />
<br />
I need peace

thank you thebowlercapfairy

That is such an unbelievably and profoundly beautiful thought.