Dance Around the World!

I love to dance and I would love to hula in Hawaii!   I'd also like to stomp my feet and break some plates in Greece!  I'd basically like to do any local dance wherever they do it locally!   I think that would be a wonderful goal to set for myself!  Dance my way around the world!

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And one of us better win the Publishers Clearing House or the Lotto! :-) Wouldn't that be great?! Everyone's always saying "what would you do if you won a million dollars?" Now we know!!!

Of course! And there are so many countries with great folk dances! Greece, Hungary, Poland, Germany....on and on. This could take a while!

We'll look fabulous, dahling, simply fabulous! How about we add Vienna for a Waltz, too?!

Oh yes! I love to belly dance...took lessons in my younger days, you know! And we must have the native costumes for all the dances! Won't we look terrific!!!!

Almost forgot Brazil for the Samba and Argentina for the Tango! ;-) And of course we need to bellydance in the Middle East somewhere!

I want to go to Ireland!! Yes, Yes and more Yes. Let's get the party started. I am up for it all.<br />
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World look out!

Trailguide, great idea to make a stop in Cuba,eh. So, we've got four of us lined up. This is going to be so much fun. From Cuba should we head to Jamaica?

Cuba ;) The land of salsa dancers :) American friends can probably pass as Canadians down there...just say a lot of eh, eh.

datura That's what we need! A dance-around-the-world tour! We'll start in Hawaii and pick up childoftheland. She can explain the hula and show us how it's done and then come along with us. Then we need to find somebody in Ireland to show us how to step-dance, bring them with us to Greece and find someone to show us the circle dances... We'll add as we go and take them along! What a wonderful dream! Where else are there great dances? Israel, the orient... :-)

I think that is a wonderful goal. The Hula is a way of life here in Hawaii. It is not just about dancing, but about Hawaiian Culture and sprituality.<br />
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We have a lot of Hula Halau's (a group of hula dancers - they are like a family) here in Hawaii. The Merry Monarch festival is in April on The Big Island. This is an event where people from all over come and participate in a huge Dance Competition and celebration. It goes for three days and is televised locally every night on prime time (it pre-empts big shows).<br />
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If you want more info Swirlingmist, feel free to send me a message. I'll answer any questions I can.<br />
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Hula is such an amazing, beautiful EVENT to watch. I am always transfixed by the story, the story tellers and the beautiful movement.

Actually, Swirlingmist, I love to dance and I know some of my other friends do too. Maybe we could organize a "dance around the world" tour!

That is a wonderful goal! I hope you accomplish it!