Hey..i want your honest advice..i'm a guy & going to be 24 in next few days, & about to complete my masters next year in Medical & Psychiatric SW...few months back we had an new Medical & Psychiatric teacher. From the very first day itself I've became a fan of her personality, looks, her thoughts, the way she speaks, her flaws & everything, she's just so natural, & now i think i began to like her & have already thought about being with her together inside my mind & at the same time i too felt that she also has some kind of liking's for me (but i'm not sure about what kind of feelings she haves towards me) because sometimes she use to ask questions which are related to human behaviors & thinking's in classroom & many of my classmate use to lie because they felt like they might get embarrassed in front of others, but i always use to express myself & speak the truth about me, even if it's embarrassing for me..& because of that sometimes she use to say "you are so honest..i like you"...& if sometimes if she react little dominantly towards me, then the very next day she use to say Sorry to me...& trust me i really liked that...
So this is my story...i want to know that is there any chances for me to date this amazing women...& how should i approach her..& as an women will she accept & date a younger guy, who's also her student at the same time?? I don't know about her exact age it might be around 25-28 i guess...Any advice would be really appreciated..thanks
ImAWeirdKid ImAWeirdKid
26-30, M
Aug 22, 2014